It’s impossible to meet a young girl today, and on bended knees you propose to her to marry you, she will not accept.

Even if you have been studying the girl for awhile from a distance without her knowing, you still have to come closer and make yourself known to her.

In most cases, it will take three to four months of courtship before you could pop the question to her and expecting an answer.

It is the same for you as a network marketer.

You need to know who you are meeting. Knowing the basic thing about the person while building a relationship which will help you classify the person as a prospect or not.

This is not just turning your cold market to your warm market.

Being your prospect, it means you are aware of his or her needs. Knowing his/her needs helps you present your business to the prospect easily and close very well.

3 types of people you are most likely going to meet:

▪ Type 1: These are people who wants to make more money. Every now and then, they are talking about being a success. They are searching for an opportunity from anywhere that can help them make money and be able to achieve their dreams.
When you meet such people, your focus should be on money. Present them with your money strategy with your company’s plan.

▪ Type 11: Time is of huge important to these people. They are always busy at work, they don’t have time of their own to hangout with friends or stay with their kids. These people are in desperate need of an opportunity that will help them make more money, have the time of their life for family and friends.
Sell time freedom to them using your company’s plan, they are most likely going to buy. Also let them know that, they will not get the time freedom immediately they join. You will need to plan an exit strategy for them to leave that job of theirs that consumes their time.

▪Type 111: These are people who will need the products. Health is wealth to this people. All they seek is to be healthy first before they think of making extra money. So concentrate on their health, the benefits of your product will easily help in opening them up to buy the product.

Some network marketing company’s products are not health products. Some are cosmetics, real estate, etc. People in type 111 might be people interested in just your product. Identifying them helps you sell more products.

So before you go on bended knees, get to know her first.

What is your thought? Share with me.

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