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Ways to Build Customer Loyalty and Retention as a peat buyer
One of the most common mistakes that network marketers make is to spend a lot of energy trying to get “new” customers; while ignoring retention efforts to keep their “existing” customers coming back.
In other words, they allocate most of their budget and time towards getting new customers, but hardly invest anything in keeping their existing customers spending more money with them.
A successful business is not about who gains the most new customers; it’s about who gains the most PROFITS in the end. A true “loyal” customer is cultivated over time; not one who makes a couple of purchases and they’re gone.
Marketers who only focus on attracting new customers usually find out the hard way that many of their customers won’t stick around for the long-haul.
Therefore, instead of looking for a million of ways to attract “new” customers, we should put more effort into keeping and upgrading our existing customers.
What is customer retention?
Simply put, this is the act of applying effective strategies and techniques that prompt our existing customers to use our company whenever they are in need of our type of products or services in the future; turning them into long-term, loyal customers.
Of course, customer loyalty heavily depends on how good (or bad) your products are – as well as how good (or bad) your customer service is. However, without solid processes that actively keep your existing customers coming back, even the best products and best customer service won’t keep your business afloat on their own.
A loyal customer can be further described as:
• Someone who makes regular purchases from you
• Someone who purchases multiple products and services from you
• Someone who refers others to you
• Someone who ignores the competition
Loyal customers are hard to come by; so HOW do you make it happen?
Ways You Can Build Customer Loyalty and Retention
You may be wondering “how” you can build stronger customer loyalty.
Once a week for the next several weeks I am going to quickly review some procedures you can implement into your marketing mix that will help keep your existing customers coming back to do business with you.
Not only that, but you will learn some ways to “keep” them in a long-lasting relationship with you – ultimately leading to a boost in your bottom line.
Every Network Marketer should make a serious effort to devote adequate time and part of their budget to the area of “customer loyalty” if they want the best ROI.
Don’t know where to start?
Digital technology – such as mobile phones and computers – makes building customer loyalty easier than ever before. In my next post on this topic I will look at the first of 20 processes and practices that can help you to keep in touch, build relationships and get more repeat sales. Watch out for it!