Right Words

Are the words that comes out from your mouth actually right?

This is to show you how powerful the use of words can make you or break you.
This will show you what RIGHT WORDS used with your team mates can build for you and your team.

Let me tell you a story

There is this blind beggar on the street. His signpost has, ‘ I’M A BLIND MAN ‘ written on it. Some people pass and drop a few coin and some don’t at all.

One morning, a lady who always pass by him without dropping a coin stopped and looked at his signpost. She bent down, turn the other side of the signpost and wrote, ‘ IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY BUT I CAN’T SEE IT ‘. Since he was blind and can’t see, he was able to touch her shoes.

As she left, people passing by on seeing the signpost dropped more and more coins. He got so much money that day.

At the close of work, same lady came to the blind man, he touched her shoes and recognised she came in the morning.
He asked her, what she did. She replied , ” I CHANGED THE WORDS on your signpost”.

Here are lessons well learnt from that story

Lesson 1: She changed the blind man’s world by changing the words.

As a network marketer, you will get close to achieving your dreams if you help enough people achieve their own dreams. Top earners in your company know about this secret (It is a secret if you don’t know it). That includes the highly paid experts in the society today.

I remember people who signed up in a network marketing opportunity and immediately want to be top earners. They relax and call their sponsors, demanding why they are not making the millions yet.

The problem is, lots of network marketers are not ready to change another person’s life but wants theirs to be changed.

Do you want to fail? Then change more lives.

Note: This lady didn’t offer the blind man any coin at all. She helped change his life with that single write up. It attracted more people to the blind man who offered money to him.

Lesson 2: Think about this for few seconds as an entrepreneur or as someone who wants a life of freedom.

Are you putting out what should attract more and more people to yourself?

It could be the words you use for your customers that is pushing them away from you. It could also be your words that is making your offline or online prospects not to accept your opportunity as a network marketer.

Learning the right words to use is easy and if you really want to achieve your dreams, go and learn it. There are scripts to learn for easy communication with your prospects. There is nothing as sweet as getting things done the right way.

Even in relationships, if you are not using the right words for your spouse, the happiness in the relationship will reduce or stop.

Why using the RIGHT WORDS is important?

It will help you ask the right questions and reply with the right answer.

You will know what to say at every point in time.

You will be able to SELL anything to anyone, which includes SELLING YOURSELF.

The TWO LESSONS from the story aren’t some amazing automated internet funnel, it is what lies in network marketing profession and if you start using the right words, you will attract more and more prospects/sign ups in your network marketing business.

I hope this helps you in your journey, feel free to share with others in your team if it did.

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