Would you want to fix the poor results you get in your network marketing business?

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Before I dive into helping you fix your poor results in my opinion, let me first tell you what I have come to notice among network marketers.

I have seen network marketers blame someone for their inactivity. Their sponsors/upliners or the economy takes the whole blame.

They also ended up growing the mindset that network marketing is not for them.

Did you ever feel that way when you weren’t getting results? Or blame your upliners for the poor results?

I have been where you are.

I stayed up 6months without sponsoring someone in my network marketing business. Many times I get frustrated and I concluded I wasted my money and that this kind of business was not for me.

I blamed my sponsor.

I even called it a SCAM.

I was surprise to see people achieving from what I called a scam.

I even asked myself this question

How can you put in some amount of money into a business and expect to get 100% gain within one year?

Most business owners make 100% of their investments within 5 years to 7 years at most.



I learnt from my late dad, not to quit. From watching him as an entrepreneur, he will never quit even when he isn’t getting the results he wants.

Like the saying, ‘you fail when you quit ‘.


How to fix your poor results?

* Getting the right results, you should go back to the basics first.

Going back to the basics means you should go back to learning everything about your network marketing company.

If you can wipe away the I KNOW IT ALREADY (IKIA) mindset and keep learning and learning. You will get it right.

I choose to call it IMMUNIZATION.

You can start by reading books about network marketing.


Attend opportunity presentations and training regularly organized by your company.
Training online and offline was helpful to understand network marketing or MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING in general for me. Make sure you are properly immunized with everything about your company and the network marketing industry.

Do you know what MLM is?

You can’t achieve your dreams in this industry without knowing the basics like this.

Be immunized.

     * MENTORS: I needed to be encouraged that I was on the right track. I started following top network marketing leaders on social media. My vendor gave me audio CDs to listen to and DVDs to watch, so I can do as they are doing.

You don’t have to pay to own a mentor. Follow who you want to be like and do what they do.

An apprentice who desires to be a master must learn from the master.

Who is your mentor in your network marketing company?

Who do you want to be like in the world of network marketing?

Choose one or more people in your company and follow their leadership skills to excel.

     * SPONSORSHIP:  Do you know that for you to really grow and be a leader in the industry, you need to sponsor?

I have seen some network marketers waiting for spill over from their sponsors and when they don’t get any, they will abuse their sponsors for not helping them.

Do you want to be a better sponsor?


Strategies of recruiting and inviting prospects to Network Marketing events.

Worst thing is as a newbie, I did what you are currently doing now or might be doing. Posting your product pictures and links on every social media you can get your hands on.  You post on social media the mission and vision of your company, its product and compensation plan. You sit and expect to make a sale.

This is a mistake many network marketers make and no one will tell you to avoid it immediately you sign up.

Hey! I just did.

Without knowing who you are, If i inbox you with my link asking you to sign up, would you?

Network Marketing is about SHARING your opportunity to people and not SPAMMING people.

Spamming people will not get you results of your dreams.

You build relationships with people first. They get to know you before you try to make a sale.

Do you know your COLD and WARM MARKET?

Before sharing your opportunity to people, you should be able to have provided more and more quality content on your social media or via emails (online) or one on one (offline) which interested people will then demand from you how to start up.

Put your eye on sponsoring and not on recruiting.

Sponsoring means you teach your team (downlines) new things you learnt, implemented and got results. So that your team will all go out and implement what you taught them, teaching their own teams.

Sponsoring will duplicate your team, putting more and more money into your pocket and in the pocket of your team. You have time freedom and financial freedom. Now that is leveraging.

Recruiting means you just go out looking to recruit new people, you get paid and you walk away to recruit new people. As an upline, you don’t teach your existing team, they have nothing to learn from you. The truth is you won’t be financially free and no time freedom. In the long run, your shoes will wear out.

Top Earners in Network Marketing companies sponsored a few people who also sponsored a few people. 

* FOCUS: Do you expect that if you do all I said, you will get immediate results?

Of course you will get results but when will it be?

This is life testing your faith here.

There will be times you will want to quit. Remain focus.

Remain focus on your goal. Focus on what you want to achieve with your company and in the industry.

Always remember your WHY for signing up in the first place.

Why did you sign up? Are you doing it for your family future? Are you doing it because you want a better life  traveling to places of your dreams? Always think about your WHY.

You can change your strategy in letting people know about your opportunity, don’t change your goal.

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