These tips are centered on Food Supplements/ Beverages. Not every network marketing company deals on Food Supplements/Beverages.

There is no need denying the fact that there are many products in the market and everyone is claiming not to have interest in disease prevention when doctors are there to take care of them when they fall sick.

Some people also claim the expensive price of this overwhelming products in the market is the reason why they are not buying.

I tell you,if you can do the following you will make great sales from your companies PRODUCTS:

KNOW THE CONTENT OF YOUR PRODUCTS: A lot of network marketers in Nigeria believe they don’t need to know that, that they are not medically inclined.
This is like saying you are not interested in the drugs your doctor is giving to you before taking it. What if the doctor prescribed the wrong drug mistakenly?

So as a network marketer, know the content of what you are selling to customers or intending customers and what each does. It shows you know what you are doing.

People are willing to pay anything for the value they will get from your product. By knowing the content you will be in a better position to market the value to them.

BE THE PRODUCT OF YOUR PRODUCT: If you say the product does this or that, have you used it before?
Or you just narrated the few benefits presented to you by the company or your upline?

When you are the product of your product, it helps you be a better presenter of the product to a customer or prospect because you will be sharing your testimony with excitement.

So many network marketers in Nigeria are guilty of this. They just want to make money. When they buy some products, they go out to sell all product so they can make some money without reserving some for personal use.

You can’t tell a customer/prospect that your product energizes the body and you are always stressed out or weak. No one will want to buy from you.

YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE ARE THOSE WHO NEED AND NOT THOSE WHO WANT: The truth is that people will buy whatever thing you are selling so long it meets their NEED in solving a problem.

The difference between need and want is that someone who is in need will come looking for a solution to their problem. But someone who has no issue will want what you are selling just because he/she sees people demanding for it.

In the long run, you won’t continue to make sales from the person who want ( Because he has no use for it and the product might even expire in his/her hand). But sales will continue to duplicate from a needy person who continuously need what you have and will comfortably help recommend your product to other needy persons like him/her.

You can identify a person who needs and a person who wants through engaging in neutral health conversations with people, especially some big shots who don’t have time and stress out themselves daily.

▪RECOMMENDED PRICE: Every company product has a suggested price you should sell your product. Don’t hype it.

The fact that your customer is rich and can afford whatever price you place on a product is not a reason to double or triple the price. When he/she discovers you are robbing him/her, you have lost that customer to another person who sells at the suggested company price.

Also note that when you sell below the company suggested price, you are killing the image of the company.
In the long run, it will come back to affect you because the company will be shutdown and you will not make money.

It also affects this great industry of Network Marketing as people will make noise everywhere that it was a scam that is why it shutdown because of the short lifespan of your company.

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