I watched a facebook live by a coach I respect so much Frazer Brookes. He is one of the great coaches in this industry of Network Marketing that I hate to miss his trainings. He gives out tons of value on how to succeed as a network marketing leader.
You can search for him on Facebook and follow if you are not already doing that.
Do you feel like quitting your business just after 6months to a year of not getting the result you want?

Have you seen your business go from duplicating to no result at all?

This is for you.

In this post, you will be able to see how to raise the bar with your company without ranting about the system or think of quitting your business.

NOTE: All you will read from this post is what I took away as I watched Frazer Brookes explain this.


●B- Believe:

It is very important that you BELIEVE.
•Believe in yourself first. Without the self believe, you will not still get your dream goals.
•Believe in your company; its vision and mission.
•Believe in your company’s owners. Who they are.
•Believe in your company’s product and compensation plan. This is very important. Your belief level will help you in understanding how effective and unique your product is. Help you to master the compensation plan of your company.
•Believe in the trainings your company keep dishing out for you to learn. Training on skills that will help you succeed.
•Believe in your upline. If you have an upline that is not supportive in your growth or that is not yet successful to see as your mentor, reach out to the next upline who has all you want and is supportive to work with.
•Believe in your downlines. You will not be able to grow or achieve your dreams if you don’t believe in them. It also means you need to be support and keep helping them to succeed.

●A- Action:
Put your belief level into action. Put in Work to achieve what you set yourself out to achieve with the company.
•Your belief level can easily be tested in your use of your company’s product. If you belief in it, do you use the product? What is your testimony about the product? Testimony is a prospecting tool for you.
•Do you actually understand your company’s compensation plan? Show your target audience the compensation plan sharing your vision with them.
•If your belief level is high enough, no amount of EXCUSE will kill your spirit. Like Ray Higdon said, ‘SHOW MORE PEOPLE’.

Action also means you leverage on the available skills by making sure you master them.

So go out be an action taker with your beliefs.

●R- Result:
Your BELIEF level is directly proportional to the ACTION you take and directly proportional to the kind of RESULT you will achieve.
•If you strongly believe everything about your company, it will reflect in the kind of action you take or work you put in which will also reflect in the kind of result you will achieve.

Remember this is netWORK marketing and not netSTAY or netSLEEP marketing. So you will need to put in work to succeed.

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