Are you frustrated with the stagnant growth of your Network Marketing Team?

Would you want to wake up your inactive team in your Network Marketing Business? In this post, you will learn how to activate your team and be able to duplicate.

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Two days ago, my wife and I had an awesome moment at the Veroz Restaurant with the Indomitable Master Minds sub-group leaders where we had lunch together and shared tips on how to grow as a team. Some of those tips I will share to help activate your team.

Waking Up Your Network Marketing Team

A friend of mine from Kampala Uganda, Geoffrey D. asked me this question, “I request to learn from you on how to activate my lazy team?”

Geoffrey D is in the same network marketing company as I am and someone I see his seriousness to win in this network marketing industry. So when he asked for my advice on the subject, I demanded I answer him through my blog which he reads so as to reach out to more people who might also have same problem. Thank you once again Geoffrey for the permission.

Before I go straight to, ‘HOW TO WAKE UP YOUR TEAM’, I will love to first tell you reasons your team is not growing. This is very important.


  • QUICK TO GET RICH SCHEME: You sold them a vision of making money immediately they signed up and when they don’t make money their first one month, two months, they quit. You then hash tag them LAZY.
  • LEADERSHIP: You didn’t show them or train them how to do what you do to succeed. The moment they signed up, you left them to search for new prospects when you should be training them. You concentrated on recruiting and recruiting without you impacting your recruits with knowledge about the network marketing business.
  • EMPLOYEE MINDSET: Some of them are still in love with their jobs where they receive monthly salary but signed up with you because you inspired them with your pitch about your network marketing business or because they have a friend, family, neighbor or they needed the problem your product can solve at the moment.
  • Others: Other reasons could be that they are having family issues that won’t allow them face the network marketing business. These family issues could be emotional, spiritual or physical issues.

With this 4 reasons, check yourself and your team.



This is very simple technique I have seen top network marketers or leaders in network marketing industry practice and train their team on to change the whole game.

Be More of a Leader:

Remember that the key reason you want your team to wake up is for duplication. Duplication makes you a top earner in your network marketing company.

How do you lead your team?

  • Provide them with more training over and over again. Training to help them succeed. Teach them new applicable skills you learnt wherever the source. Encourage them to also teach their own teams.
  • You are a brand your team knows when they signed up, not your company. So when you make a promise to them, fulfill it.
  • Always recognize the most active team member. Also recognize a team member who does something phenomenal. In dealing with people, it is good to make them important to you.
  • Share in their most difficult times. It should not always be business all the time. Let them know how much you care.
  • Patient is a virtue. Be patient with them. Don’t be in a haste to get to work, take it one step at a time.
  • Avoid tagging your team a negative name like, ‘LAZY’. Even if they are lazy, don’t give it to them. Names can make a being. Remember there is power in a spoken word.

Do you know that with all that I mentioned above, some people in your team will still not wake up or do what you want them to do? If the existing team are not still ready to go along with you,

Recruit new team for your network marketing business. Your team needs new leaders when the old leaders are not doing anything.

Show the old team what you wish they would do and be of massive action when it comes to exposing more people to what you have.

Make it a goal to always work with new team that your old team has never heard of or met reach new ranks or level. When the old team sees you congratulating new team for hitting ranks, this will wake some of them up (the right ones) that you are not sitting around waiting for them to blossom and that you are planting more seeds and working with those who want to work regardless of their “tenure” in the team.

Was this helpful for you? I want you to put it into practice.

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