Networking Times

Networking Times

I was born and raised in a nation with so many talents and gifts. This nation found itself a system with which she can generate wealth after working so hard. As time goes on, she was making huge figures annually. She was happy that her hustle is paying off. Little did she know it was the season, she went on spending spree. She bought herself liabilities, things that will loose its value the moment you own it. She won’t listen to advisers, she attracted people that will eat with her anytime of the day.
The rain slowly stopped, dry season set in. Income fell. She was confuse and didn’t know what was happening. She wondered in pain, what will she do? Her children will need to feed, go to school and dress well. Her friends went far away, calling her stupid names behind her back but gave her praises she alone hears; THE GIANT! THE GREAT IROKO!

Gradually she fell. Smaller nations began to diversify their wealth, finding new ways to make wealth. While she, THE GIANT, kept fighting with her children on why she didn’t diversify or how they can rise again, smaller nations were investing on other income source. They, today are still called SMALLER NATIONS but they are actually in peace, helping themselves, changing their own lives and building assets…..

This is about INCOME STREAM!

The state of your nation’s economy with lots of demand is a reason you should diversify your income generating stream to soot the high demand.
Your cry for help should be to diversify or look into other opportunities that won’t be too demanding while you are still employed and not cry to blame your govenment.
Why? Season by season the size of your family increases, the demand at home increases but your income remains there. In some cases, certain percentage is deducted from your income due to weak economy.

Most times people ask me what I advice?
I am not saying for instance, that a banker should open up a store and look for goods to sell while working in the bank. NO!
As a banker, Lawyer, doctor or lecturer etc, you should have another income stream because you won’t say that #100k – 150k a month salary is enough for you to achieve your dreams or retire early when you know that even tomato that was once looked down on has now increased in price.
Today priceless commodity now have value.You are employed but value wasn’t added to your salary to match up the inflation.

I have given advice to lots of employed people and many still avoided it but came back when they can no longer run from the obvious.
I suggest you go into a network marketing company.
Yes, I said network marketing company. Many hate to hear that despite CREATING MORE MILLIONAIRES YEARLY WORLD WIDE than any other industry. The only industry that will give you 100% freedom to earn from them as a part time while you are still employed. Won’t affect your job. Robert Kiyosaki said (Business of the 21st century ) that the moment your network marketing business which you do part time begins to pay you close to or more than your full time job does, you should quit that full time job and fully be involved in your network marketing business.

Network Marketing companies are willing to pay you as huge as #3Million on monthly basis. Go for it.

Network Marketing gives you more than you bargained for. You will have all the time in the world especially for your family.