So today, after we left the church. My wife and I went straight to the market to buy chicken, pepper and seasoning cubes.

Infact i did the buying while she was in the car taking care of Hozay Angel.

The plans was to cook jollof rice. Each time she makes such comment about eating jollof rice or stew and white rice, know it that she wants me to do the cooking. She always say that my jollof rice and stew are sweeter than her own😁.

I think it is a way to make me cook for her.

As we got home, I washed the chicken very well with salt. Put it inside the pot. Added salt, chicken tasty cubes, onion, curry powder and thyme.

Allowed it to season a little bit before putting on the gas cooker.

Which I allowed it to steam very well for sometime before adding little water for proper boiling.

Something came into my mind as I was doing all this.

Not like it was the first time I ever cooked.

“I have been cooking since I was 15years old, making tomato stew was my first attempt.”

So as I was seasoning the chicken, i realized that humans are being seasoned in this life. Either for good product or for bad product.

This doesn’t apply to businesses alone.

How you season your family determines what you get to enjoy.

Give everything up but not time when it comes to your family. Time is all you need to season your family mostly so the outcome will be awesome.

I once heard of Tiger Woods story. His dad was the one to notice his passionate about hitting a round object with a stick.

His dad then seasoned him properly by adding all the necessary seasoning powder needed for him to be shown to the world.

At 19, he became world best in golf game.

The likes of Serena William and her Sister, so many great people we love and celebrate are products of good seasoning.

Good seasoning makes the chicken taste great.

Share with me your thoughts?