The harmattan is here. Everyone can ‘smell’ it. For me, it’s a sign that Christmas season is here.

It is not like that for Hozay Angel who is just 5months and 2weeks old. The weather have changed, it wasn’t cruel like this when he was born. I am sure these are his thoughts.

He coughs. Coughs again. Again and again throughout the weekend. His teething alone makes him uncomfortable and now this cough.

It means dusting the house have to increase.

Of course he is on medication. You were about asking that, right?

He is on medication ( Oral Suspension ), which he takes daily.

Sitting down in the living room, I tried to make him comfortable as he was coughing again and again.

Mum was in the kitchen preparing breakfast after making sure Hozay Angel have taken his drugs.

Just the moment he seemed calm, I thought he was now feeling better.

He looked at my face, smiled while I smile back. He delivered his service.

I didn’t tell you that as I was with him, his mum removed his diaper to free him a bit since he went to bed with it.

Like I was saying, he delivered his service after smiling at me. My cloth soaked in blessingsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

His mum said it was a blessing upon me. His mum is already used to that blessing and he needed to bless his dad too😎.

What I learnt from my son Hozay Angel?

* He delivered his service to me SMILING. Whether I appreciate that service or not. He has done his job. If I was so suppose to be angry, his smile will change everything.

For you as a network marketer, everyone will not like what you pitch. As you prospect, so SMILE.

1) Smiling is a sales letter on its own which you can freely give to your prospects. Even if they have the intention to say, “NO, I AM NOT INTERESTED” to your presentation, you might even get a ” Yes” response or a ” Will get back to you. Let me check my budget ” response.

Even if that prospect does not get back to you and didn’t end up registering with you later, you didn’t leave his presence feeling you didn’t deliver or didn’t present well.

2) Your state of mind is very important after presentation despite the response.

Smiling as you present will help the state of mind remain positive with the response you get.

Remain smiling even when your prospect is the, ” I know it already ” or ” the negative time wasters “.

3) Smiling shows your prospect you are passionate about your opportunity.

It tells your prospect:
– You have a Positive ATTITUDE
That you BELIEVE in what you are doing and that will change their own life too.
-That you are fully COMMITTED in this.

Prospects want to work with a leader who is fully committed which you should be committed too.

Hope you got value from this.

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As I write and deliver this to you, he is sleeping calmly 😁😁😁


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