Woke up early as usual by 5:30am to get Olivia set for school.

I went into her room to wake her up, she was already halfway awake with the way she reacted when i entered.

Called on her as I try waking her up which she refused to get up.

But succeeded with more efforts. She tried crying because she still want to sleep.

I asked her if she wants to go to school and see her friends. She nodded. I then told her she needs to bath and prepare for school. She accepted and followed me to the bathroom.

She then said, ‘ Daddy good morning.’ I replied as usual, ‘ Morning. How are you?’

‘I am fine’ , she responded.

After bathing her and feeding her with cornflakes, she was set for school.

We then hit the road with her sitting at the back seat.

She stood up like she always do to play with my head while I drive and listen to coolfm.

As I got to SARS road junction which links Rukpokwu road, I tried doing a turn on the right when it happened.

The Kiss?

Yes, the kiss.

What a rough kiss, I didn’t expect it at all.

It came from a black Honda Accord ( 1996 model ).

Shocked! I remained in the car while the driver came down shouting that I should come and see the extent of the damage on his car.

I knew I was wrong but as I came down, he wouldn’t let me to speak.

” You must repaint my car. I am sure you don’t even have a driver’s licence. You must be your oga driver, driving his child to school.” he said on top of his voice.

I was then confuse. Me, oga driver?

“Am I that young?” I said in my mind.

By this time, attention was on us and we caused heavy traffic.

I told him let’s move by the side of the road because of the road block we caused.

He refused and said I should wait for the police to come and take our statement.

I looked at his car again, checked inside to be sure I am not dealing with a foreigner. 😂😂😂😂

Noticed he had his children in the car with a heavily pregnant woman, I knew he won’t want to waste time.

I reached out with the help of a passerby, pleaded with him and he accepted and forgave me.

The damage wasn’t that much. Was just a scratch on the door.

He then drove off.

I am still thinking if I am that tiny such that Olivia can’t be my daughter or the car can’t be mine for him to say, “You must be your oga driver, driving his child to school.”


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