The Rich and Poor - CALVARY FAITH

The Rich and Poor – CALVARY FAITH

There is a wall separating the rich and the poor in our society today.
The poor always feel neglected by the rich or used by the rich to get richer privately or through the government.
This wall is bigger and stronger than the wall of Jericho which the Isrealites brought down with songs. The more the poor sing, chant, it strengthens this wall. But this wall is a see-through wall.
The name of this wall is the MINDSET.

The Rich have a Positive Mindset towards anything.
The Poor have a Negative Mindset to things they see.
The Rich are rich because they rejected everything that will make them have that negative mindset. Those who inherited wealth remain wealthy not with negative mindset but a positive one. Even though some kids who inherited wealth from their parents end up poor in few years.

How do you recognise a POOR MAN?
* He sees every opportunity presented to him as scam. Understandable if his decision were as a result of past experience.
* Accepts every opportunity but quits easily when he doesn’t get a quick result.
*Creates excuses and willing to give out some for free.
* Buys more liability than he searches for assets.

Note: A rich man is not a man with physical wealth. You can be rich at heart with no physical wealth.

It takes you to where you want to be, gives you all you desire, attracts the right people to you at the right time. There are millions of people who are willing to give out good ideas to you for free if only you ask.
POSITIVE MINDSET is a skill which if you don’t have it, you should learn it.

How do you learn this skill?
-Believe in yourself. It takes alot of courage even in difficult times but you will end up victorious if you do.
-Write down your ideas and work it out. The graveyard is the wealthiest place in the world because lots of people died without trying out the idea that came to them as flash. Try yours out.
-Your company matters. Who you spend most of your time with is important. It is not just friends, families, colleagues etc. The books you read, the inspirational ones. Audio books, DVDs etc. Read the biography of successful people. People in the field you want to go into that became successful. If you don’t know anyone, search for them on Forbes. If you are in network marketing industry like i am, listen to the testimonies of successful people.
You MUST surely acquire this unique skill called POSITIVE MINDSET.

You have to Decide, Be Committed and you will Succeed.