It was a wonderful moment with a Global Ambassador Jedmark. He has this to say to network marketers.

A simple and timely question to every network marketers out there.


Your success in this business depends on what motivates you, here are some of the motivating forces that affect everyone of us.

1. SUDDENLY MOTIVATED networkers are the ones who are just motivated by the minute. They feel electrified and hyped by trainings, seminars and bondings. Then, on the next minute, excitement rapidly fades away. Resulting to absolute zero production.

2. SITUATION-MOTIVATED networkers are the ones who are aligned to the flow of income. Positive and grateful on convenient situations but complains on every catastrophe. Joyful when income starts to rise, discouraged when income declines. The end result is attrition.

3. SOURCE-MOTIVATED networkers are the ones who always seek strength from uplines, downlines and crosslines. New strategies and skills activates them but without supervision and push they become stagnant. Their lack of consistency results to seasonal or inconsistent income.

4. SELF-MOTIVATED networkers are the successful bunch. Their WILL, PASSION and DETERMINATION causes them to not be moved by any transition, recession and calamity that the MLM industry might bring, resulting to constant and residual income.


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