Ask for Referral


Every business, not just in Network Marketing needs referral to achieve great results. So you have got to ask for it.

Ask for referral.

You need to read this short story of mine.

Last month, I got a speaking engagement in Ogoja Cross River State from one of my leaders. That was my first time in the city. I came in late that night at about 11pm. The bad road and police checkpoints delayed my road trip. So the first guest house I saw, I checked in without looking for an hotel so I could get a quick rest. Woke up in the morning, tried to take a shower but could not see the towel. I quickly brushed my teeth, dressed up so I could find a good shop to buy a towel. I didn’t speak to the guest house front desk.

Found a shop and bought the towel. I was famished. I needed to eat. Being my first time in the city, I didn’t know my way. I then asked the owner of the shop I was in where I can go take my breakfast. I didn’t want to eat in the guest house or in an eatery. Just needed to eat some local foods sold on the roadside. The towel shop owner told me that the local restaurant he knows shouldn’t be open by that time of the morning and he doesn’t know any other. I insisted on checking it out to try my luck. I got the address and the restaurant was not open. I saw an elderly woman from a nearby shop and demanded if she knows where I can have breakfast since her neighbor wasn’t open yet. She then directed me to another restaurant. I ended up having a wonderful breakfast there. I kept eating there every morning till I left the city.

Why did I first tell you that story?

I wanted you to see that asking for a referral, be it from a warm or cold market in your Network Marketing business will get you results you required.

 Why you should ask for a referral?

  • It will help you reach your supposed target audience faster.
  • Makes your prospect curious to see the opportunity first before showing you someone he or she thinks might be interested.
  • It is simply an organic way to generate leads when you least expect it.
  • Helps you tap into the network of friends or people (friends of friends) your prospects know which you don’t know.
  • You will make new friends even when they don’t sign up to your Network Marketing business.
  • You will end up making sale in the long run.

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