Would you want to know why you should not prospect as you go?

Today I’m going to share what really works which is different from what you were told in Network Marketing.

Prospecting is key to getting sign ups in your network marketing and from which to have the right team to work with, but doing it the wrong way and with wrong mindset keeps you unsuccessful with no team.


I remember being told to speak to every single person I meet daily; as I leave my house to wherever I intended going that day.

First, it is not everyone that you see that will sign up with you. Everyone cannot be a prospect. If everyone is a prospect, then why have you not signed up everyone in your family?

If your coach or mentor or upline tells you that everyone is a prospect and that you should go prospect as you go, ask him or her if his or her immediate family are all signed up. What of their extended family?

Remember, prospecting is about sharing your business opportunity to someone or people interested in your offer; could be to be financially free, have enough time freedom to spend with loved ones, health transformation products etc.
You definitely cannot be going around sharing your opportunity to each person you see or meet. You will always get , ” I am not interested ” , response. People turning you down.

Propecting as you go has made alot of NEWBIES to quickly quit and say, ” network marketing isn’t for me”.


BRAND POSITIONING: Success in any industry comes with branding. That is why you see alot of companies spend so much money branding themselves.
You as a network marketer is not limited to that. Be a branded network marketer. I don’t mean you must have your company’s name written all over you so that people will know you are with a certain company. Your offline appearance should be smart enough to create curiousity. Even a prospect would really want to hear you out giving you his full attention.

ATTRACTION: Attraction works better mostly online. Social media have made it easier for you as a network marketer and you have to take advantage of social media to do your business.

What do people see when they come online? They would want to see you;
– Who you are?
– What you really do?
– Are you the kind of person they would love to work with?
– Can they trust you enough to be able to work with you ( In some cases, prospect will prefer sending money to you directly so you get         them registered and send their products to them. This usually happen when your network marketing company doesn’t have a sign up link)?
– What kind of updates do you share on social media?
– Are your updates worth it for them to take you serious?
– Are you giving out enough value for them learn something new about you or about your opportunity?

Alot of experts coach on this social media attraction techniques, you should look out for them.
Learn from them.

Get it right and be consistent, you will get the right audience and reps to work with

Great stuff right? I am sure you were not expecting such tip.

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P.S Instead of Prospect as you go, why don’t you build relationships as you go. It increases your list of prospects to talk to.